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9th-12th Grade Counselor (Mi-Rod)
Emilia Ramirez (505) 831-6993 ex: 57033 9th-12th Grade Counselor (Mi-Rod)




MRS. RAMIREZ (Mi-Rod) Grades 9th-12th

505-831-6993 x57033


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 It’s hard to believe but here we are, at the beginning of yet another school year!  Whether this is your freshman year and you're just jumpstarting your high school career, a brand new sophomore but definitely not new to high school, a junior who can practically smell graduation around the corner but have a little bit more time, or a full blown senior who just completed your very last summer as a high school student; you are each entering the 2018/2019 school year!  There is a lot for you to do and experience this year so please take advantage of what all of high school has to offer you.  West Mesa offers incredible experiences that include sporting events, homecoming, assemblies, prom,  clubs and activities that you and your friends will create memories participating in for the rest of your lives.  Along with these high school experiences, you are expected to successfully pass each and every one of your courses,  to begin working towards completing graduation requirements,  as well as complete state issued exams as they are offered to you.  I will be with you every step of the way, but accomplishing all of this is up to YOU.  Together, we can create and pave the path of life that you intend on walking in the next 1-4 years!



As your Counselor, I am very excited see what this year has in store for you! Continue the great work that you do; especially for your school and community.  Here are some helpful tips I'd like to remind you of:


  • Attend class every single day
  • Make sure to be organized and utilize your agendas. 
  • Complete all homework and projects as assigned
  • Do not procrastinate! Set aside time to ensure you meet each deadline
  • Establish strong communication with each of your teachers
  • Ask questions when you do not understand (take advantage of tutoring options)
  • Study for each of your quizzes, tests, and exams (more than 15 minutes)
  • Get involved in class and in school (clubs, teams, programs, etc)
  • Know your Grade Point Average (GPA) after each semester 
  • Get enough sleep!
  • Have fun!!  You're only in high school for 4 years.  Many say these are the "best years of your life!"


 Make yourself and your family proud this year.  Finish Strong Class of 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022!!!


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