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Counseling Services


Bernadette August

Students with last names A-Ch

Hours: 7:00-2:00

831-6993 ext. 57003

Email: bernadette.august@aps.edu


Daniel Bryant

Students with last names Ci-G

Hours: 7:15-2:15

831-6993 ext 57009

Email: daniel.bryant@aps.edu


Claudia Chavez

Students with last names H-Mc

Hours: 7:45-2:45

831-6993 ext 57011

Email: claudia.chavez@aps.edu


Emilia Ramirez

Students with last names Md-Roc

Hours: 7:45-2:45

831-6993 ext 57033

Email: emilia.ramirez@aps.edu


Francesca Sanchez-Waghorn

Students with last names Rod-Z

Hours: 8:00-3:00

831-6993 ext 57043



Angelica Lopez

College and Career Counselor

Hours: 7:45-2:45

831-6993 ext 57021

Email: angelica.lopez@aps.edu


Kim Chavez

Crossroads Counselor

Hours: 7:30-3:30

831-6993 ext 57052

Email: chavez_kim@aps.edu

How to check your students current grades.

Set up an account with ParentVUE at mystudent.aps.edu

Here you can check your students:

  • attendance
  • homework grades
  • test grades
  • quiz grades
  • teacher comments
  • teacher contact information

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes are only allowed during the first ten days of each semester for the following reasons:

  • Student is repeating a course already successfully completed
  • Student wishes to advance to an Honors, AP or bilingual  class
  • Student is enrolled in the wrong course level
  • Student has not taken the prerequisite for the course
  • Fulfillment of graduation requirement

Schedule changes are not allowed for the following reasons:

  • Elective change
  • Teacher change
  • Student is currently failing the course

Parent/Teacher Conference

If you would like information on the progress of your student in each class please set up a ParentVUE account.

For further information please contact your student's teachers by email.  Teachers' email addresses are located on ParentVUE and also on westmesa.aps.edu.

If you require further information and wish to meet with the teachers face-to-face, please contact your student's counselor to set up a parent/teacher conference.

                West Mesa Mustangs

Counseling Mission

The counseling mission is to graduate highly motivated and knowledgeable students who will enter into society and become productive, successful citizens affecting positive change in our world. To achieve this, the counseling program will provide comprehensive guidance that includes academic, career and personal/social development for all students regardless of individual differences. We will assist students in acquiring the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to become effective students, responsible citizens and productive workers.

Counseling Services

Academic Development-

  • Support students in developing an educational plan for academic success.
  • Assist students to become invested in their school success by showing them how school performance relates to career opportunities.
  • Work collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to identify and help to remove obstacles that may hinder student achievement.
  • Provide information about different academic opportunities within and outside of West Mesa High School.
  • Assist students and parents with information about the college planning process

Career Development-

  • Assist student in developing personal awareness and exploring career goals.
  • Work with students regarding career planning and preparation.
  • Share scholarship and financial aid information for post-secondary education.
  • Help develop communication and interpersonal skills needed to relate well with others.
  • Guide student in selecting a career pathway beginning with their freshman year.

Personal/Social Development-

  • Help develop positive attitudes among students towards self, family, and community.
  • Help students identify strengths and skills to cope with their personal issues.
  • Work with students to understand and appreciate their unique qualities and to grow personally and socially.
  • Provide educational and support services to parents.
  • Facilitate referrals to community support services.
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College and Career

CLICK HERE to visit the College and Career page for information on the following:

  • Upcoming Events/College Visits
  • Dual Credit
  • College Guides
  • Financial Aid & Scholarships
  • Volunteer/Internship
  • Career Exploration 
  • NCAA
  • AP Exams

Crossroads Counselor

Do you or someone you know struggle with substance abuse?

If so, please contact our Crossroads Counselor, Kim Chavez, located in the library.

831-6993 ext. 57052 chavez_kim@aps.edu

Special Education Support

If your student  is in the Special Education program and you need information regarding Special Education services please contact Mitch Rekow.

831-6993 ext  57040


Requesting Transcripts

To request a transcript, please visit www.parchment.com

How to request homework when your student is absent for more than three days

If you have a planned absence please obtain homework directly from your teachers.

Homework requests are only permitted if your student is going to be absent more than three days.

To request homework, please contact the attendance office.

Please allow two business days for homework to be compiled.

Career Enrichment Center (CEC)

The Career Enrichment Center (CEC) offers APS-approved classes to students enrolled in other APS traditional and charter schools.  Students take their core classes at their home high school and may take elective classes at CEC. CEC is not a diploma-granting institution; however courses completed are posted directly on the student transcript.


If you have any questions regarding CEC please visit their website at cec.aps.edu

504/Student Assistance Team (SAT) Referrals

Section 504 is a civil rights statute that provides certain protections to special education and general education students, employees, parents, and community members with disabilities. The act also provides for certain accommodations for individuals who have an impairment but cannot receive services under IDEA (special education).


For information regarding 504/SAT referrals, please contact A.J. Monsivais at 505-831-6993 extension 57050 or via email at anita.monsivais@aps.edu.